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About Consultix
Consultix is a respected provider of training services for UNIX systems, Linux systems (especially Debian Linux) and the Perl language to the Fortune 500.  We publish our own training manuals and provide classes in public, dedicated, and on-site offerings. Most of our public classes are held in the Seattle area, but our on-site and dedicated services are available worldwide. The many thousands of students we've trained have praised our instructors and courses! Our founder, lead courseware developer, and lead instructor is Dr. Tim Maher.
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We now have more time available to help clients who wish to make use of our Contract Programming Services.

Upcoming Public Training Classes in Seattle
A former student says:
•  The quality of this class was great. I will plan to take additional classes from Tim and Consultix in the future.
Rob Stamm, Application Analyst, Western Wireless
Attended: Minimal Perl

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Expanded Service: Contract Programming by UNIX–Linux–Perl Experts!

It's not always cost effective to train an employee in the technologies needed to develop a new, or to modify an existing, software application. In such cases, consider temporarily enlisting the services of our experts, who have decades of experience in Shell and Perl programming that they enjoy using! Learn more about this service, and contact us if we can help!

Unique Perl Book for UNIX/Linux People

Interested in learning the Perl language, but intimidated by the 1,000+ pages of "Programming Perl" and intimidated by the language's reputation for being eccentric? Minimal Perl by Tim Maher teaches Perl in a new way—instead of ignoring your prior knowledge of shell programming techniques and powerful UNIX commands, it capitalizes on that knowledge to make Perl faster and easier for you to learn!

For more information, reviews, and to order the book, go to the Minimal Perl book's web site.

Why Should you Get your Software Training from Consultix?

Read a detailed comparison of how our methods and practices differ from those of our competitors.

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On-Site, Dedicated, and Tutored Classes Available

In addition to our periodic offerings of public classes, we offer on-site, dedicated, and tutored classes. Contact us if you'd like to arrange for one of these special classes, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Tim Maher's Talks On-line  
Tim has given many presentations on Linux and Perl topics at professional conferences. You're welcome to view the slides, and learn what you can from them.

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