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Tim Maher Taught Perl at LinuxFest Northwest
LinuxFestNorthwest 2003
Tim Maher shared Perl programming tips from his upcoming Manning Publications book on Perl at LinuxFest Northwest in April. He gave a short talk called Minimal Perl for Shell Users and Programmers, which is not available for download, but the following two-part 3-hour tutorial of the same title from YAPC::NA 2003 is even better:


  • Five Perl Commands that Every UNIX/Linux User Should Know
  • Minimal Perl for Shell Users and Programmers

  Tim Spoke on Perl at YAPC::NA

In June at Boca Raton Florida, Consultix CEO Tim Maher presented several technical talks at the YAPC::NA 2003 Perl conference. One showed attendees how to use his new Perl module, Shell::POSIX::Select, that uses source filtering to implement the select loop of the UNIX shells (that's the only loop missing from Perl -- until now!). The significance of that module is that Shell-aware Perl Programmers can now write menu-oriented programs as easily in Perl as in the Shell, and Perl programmers no longer have to envy the select loop of their Shell-programming colleagues. He also gave a 5-minute Lighting Talk on this module, which was just a severely abbreviated version of the 45-minute session on the same topic, so only the longer talk is provided by the link below.

Tim also gave a half-day tutorial called Minimal Perl for Shell Users and Programmers, featuring excerpts from his upcoming Manning Publications book of the same title.

He also presented a humourous "Lighting Talk" on the history to date of SPUG (the Seattle Perl Users Group), which reveals the heretofore secret reason why SPUG is the biggest Perl group in the New World!


OSCON 2003 Tim Chaired Panel on Perl Certification at OSCON's Perl Conference
As a former University professor of Computer Science and software trainer for over two decades, Tim is very interested in education and testing technologies, so he convened a panel of assorted Perl luminaries including Damian Conway in a discussion of the ever-controversial issue of Certification for Perl Programmers.

The overwhelming majority of those voting by a show of hands were in favor of creating a certification process for Perl, and discussions about how to proceed with that mandate are taking place at the Perl Certification Kwiki site and mailing list.

You can download Tim's article on Perl Certification that appeared in the October 2003 Perl Journal for free.

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