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Customer Provides Classroom and Students

For customers able to provide the necessary computer equipment and classroom facilities, we can deliver our classes on-site to most locations in North America for about the price the customer would pay to send 3 students to one of our Seattle classes. (For other locations, the break-even point may be higher, due to higher travel expenses.)

Naturally, the larger the group of students, the lower the per-capita cost, and the greater the incremental savings for having the class at your location. For Seattle-area companies whose classrooms are not equipped with computer and audio-visual equipment, we can provide those items at a nominal additional fee.

Other Training Options

As an alternative to on-site classes, we periodically offer public classes in the Seattle WA area, as well as dedicated classes and tutoring services worldwide.

A former student says:

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•  First rate—covered Linux & UNIX & flavors of Shells—great! Excellent lab exercises.
Susan Kirt, Support Analyst, Boeing
Attended: UNIX/Linux Fundamentals

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