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For those who want training but find it inconvenient to attend one of our public classes, we provide additional training options. But if neither an on-site class or a dedicated class fits your needs, we can arrange to provide one-on-one tutoring instead.

How Tutoring Works

Generally, the Tutor presents the standard course material to the Student (but in a less formal context), the Student completes the standard set of lab exercises, and the certificate documenting course completion is awarded.

However, because tutoring is a personalized service, we look for ways to maximize its benefits over the alternative of a public class. For example, the Tutor can spend less time on the topics that the Student grasps readily, to save more for those that turn out to be more challenging.

Other customizations can also be arranged, such as adding topics from other courses to tailor the training to the Student's needs.


We are flexible about scheduling, and willing to work with the Student's desires and constraints.

A typical arrangement is for the Tutor and Student to meet for one 4-hour work session per day, followed by the Student spending a few hours doing the prescribed lab assignments, with support from the Tutor by phone or email. Then the next face-to-face meeting would occur as mutually agreed.

For example, the work sessions of a 3-day course might take place from 8-12 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with the Student doing the lab exercises on his (or her) own on Monday afternoon or Tuesday, on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday, and on Friday afternoon.

Pricing and Payment

We process the paperwork for tutoring services exactly as we do for a public class on the same topic, and we charge the same fee. This makes our tutoring services compatible with normal corporate procedures for approval and payment of public training classes.

For classes outside our home base of Seattle WA, there is an additional charge for the Tutor's travel and expenses.

Facility Requirements

Tutoring requires a reasonably private space where the Tutor and Student can meet together, and work without interruptions. A computer projector or a large monitor should be provided (to which the Tutor can hook his laptop), along with a computer for the Student to use. Most corporate offices have rooms that can meet these requirements, but if necessary, we can furnish the necessary A/V and computer equipment.

Other Training Options

As an alternative to tutoring, we periodically offer public classes in the Seattle WA area, as well as dedicated and on-site offerings worldwide.

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