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Customer Provides Students, We Provide the Rest

What about companies that don't have their own classrooms? Is there an option allowing them to train several employees economically? Yes! In such cases, we can arrange a "dedicated" class, taught at a hotel conference room convenient to your location. The customer saves money because we can run this kind of class without the overhead of national advertising or the risk of having to cancel a class due to low enrolment.

Other Training Options

As an alternative to dedicated classes, we periodically offer public classes in the Seattle WA area, and on-site classes and tutoring services worldwide.

A former student says:

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•  Very good instructor (Colin Meyer) … I learned a lot … I use UNIX on a daily basis, but now know more commands and options that will increase my productivity.
Kathy Nyberg, IT Product Support, AT&T; Wireless Services
Attended: UNIX Fundamentals

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