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         Testimonials for:  Perl Classes    UNIX/Linux Classes

The following remarks are from students who have allowed us to quote them in our advertising. For additional (unattributed) comments, see the the Instructor Evaluations and Course Evaluations pages.

 Perl Classes

•  Very entertaining guy [Tim] and a good teacher too! This course filled in a lot of the Perl knowledge gaps that I had from learning Perl on my own.
Mark Bentley, UNIX System Administrator
Cingular Wireless
Perl Programming plus Modules
•  Tim's passion for Perl is evident and increases the student's desire to master the language. His vast experience is also very helpful.
Chuck Orr, Call Routing Specialist, AT&T; Wireless Services
Perl Programming plus Modules
•  Perl Programming plus Modules has given me exactly what I need to begin writing functional programs that will be a great help at work. Tim, you do a great job of demystifying this stuff! I would recommend this course to anyone just starting with Perl.
Jamin Kortegard, Production Tech. Specialist
Getty Images
Perl Programming plus Modules
•  Even though I came into this course with some knowledge of Perl and a strong programming background, I learned many of the important nuances of Perl that I wouldn't have on my own. Definitely worth the investment!
Vincent Yuan, Senior Engineer
Minimal Perl
•  The class was very well put together and organized … overall, the whole experience was worthwhile.
Mike Smitkin, Web Developer II, Washington Mutual Bank
Minimal Perl
•  Very impressed; anxious to apply all of the info. Each day gave me solutions to issues and tasks in a way that I actually have confidence I can go back and implement solutions. Of all training classes I have taken, this was by far the best. I would highly recommend any class taught by Tim.
Bruce Painter, QA/Clearcase Admin.
Perl Programming, plus Modules
•  Tim is very knowledgeable about Perl but can easily teach Perl so beginners can understand. Tim … also shows the better or best way to write a Perl program for a particular reason. This training was very good and covered the material very well.
Todd Ashton, System Admininstrator, Fluke Corp.
Perl Programming plus Modules
•  The quality of this class was great. I will plaln to take additional classes from Tim and Consultix in the future.
Rob Stamm, Application Analyst
Western Wireless
Minimal Perl
•  Very good class, straight to the point! I learned a lot of stuff I can use immediately.
G. Mpeye, Sr. Application Analyst
Western Wireless
Minimal Perl
•  The format of the course was excellent with progressively more complex chapters of instruction (lecture and lab). I'd certainly take future courses and refer others to Consultix!
Curt Whitmire, Info. Tech. Specialist
NOAA Fisheries
Minimal Perl
•  A great way to take your Perl skills beyond the basics. If you need to make your Perl code more robust, efficient, and secure, you need to take this course!
Gary Schmidt
AT&T; Wireless 
Intermediate Perl
•  Tim is a pro with real world experience … I now know how to get started in writing more useful programs and have the skills needed to debug the problems I will come up against.
Dan Roscigno, Application Support Specialist
AT&T; Wireless Services
Int. Perl plus Intro. to OO Perl
•  The overall quality of the instruction was excellent. The instructor was able to provide knowledge to each student without slowing the faster students. One of the best courses I have attended.
Curt Wolfer, MIS Manager, Menlo Worldwide
Intermediate Perl
•  Thoroughly enjoyed this class … Both Instructors [Tim & John L.] made what was originally thought to be dry and difficult to learn, easy and fun. This course was tailored perfectly for new UNIX users … The overall experience was highly educational and fun. Thank you!
Shad Pantle, Software Test Analyst, AT&T; Wireless Services
Intermediate Perl
•  Wonderful instruction! Very clear, good explanations, very informative, very patient with questions. I learned an incredible amount. In four days I went from never having used UNIX to having the ability to run UNIX, text edit, and shell script.
Mariette Knoblauch, Q. A. Tester
(Defunct Dot-Com Company)
Intermediate Perl
•  I came into this course [Intermediate Perl Programming] with basic knowledge of Perl. I now feel confident that I can program at a higher level … Tim is a really good Instructor. He's very approachable and easy going. He is an obvious expert in the field of Perl Programming.
Chris Lewis, Systems Analyst, Enbridge Pipelines, Inc. (CANADA)
Intermediate Perl
•  An excellent course that assists anybody at any level to understand and use UNIX. Every question had an answer! Looking forward go more classes!
Michael Harpley, Email/Systems Admin., Matsushita Avionics Systems
Intermediate Perl
•  Dr. Tim Maher provided a very good course, and he offered additional help and extra information to those with special needs. I believe his teaching style and experience satisfied all students with different levels of programming background. I consider this one of the best classes I've ever attended!
Jinlan Tomasic, Student, University of Alaska
Intermediate Perl
•  No other intensive software courses that I have taken come even close to the quality learning experiences I've had in the two courses I have taken with Consultix. Tim is a highly knowledgeable instructor with a deep down love for his job of teaching.
Chris Kapsalis, Senior Systems Analyst, Convergys
Perl Programming plus Modules
•  Great sense of humor, and very knowledgeable. Outstanding class! I especially appreciate the way you [Tim] present the material in a way that helps you understand "Why" something works vs. "It Just Works".
Shawn Clark, UNIX System Administrator, Reliant Business Services
Intermediate Perl
•  I don't know how anyone would find a more qualified instructor! You [Tim] obviously enjoy teaching and have a personality that is well suited to your vocation.
David Dungan, UNIX System Administrator, DC-PC
Intermediate Perl
•  He's the greatest teacher I've ever had. He's patient and helpful! [Tim]
Hong-Loan Nguyen, Computer Programmer, WA State Dept. of Health
Intermediate Perl
•  Outstanding! A great instructor! [Tim]
Tim McMillan
Intermediate Perl

         Testimonials for:  Perl Classes    UNIX/Linux Classes

 UNIX/Linux Classes  

•  A good class for whoever needs to learn some Unix commands. Great experience and a very fun person [Tim] to learn from.
Minh Nguyen
QA Analyst, Research in Motion
UNIX/Linux Fundamentals
•  Tim is very knowledgeable about UNIX/Linux. I learned a significant amount, even though I had previous experience with the subject.
Gavin Spomer
Systems Programmer, Central Washington Univ.
UNIX/Linux Fundamentals
•  Quality was excellent. I will be back for more!
Jon Jeter
Network Administrator, Moneytree Inc.
Linux Fundamentals
•  Thanks Tim! Terrific class, lots of bang for the buck!
Susan Kirt
Support Analyst, Boeing
UNIX/Linux Fundamentals
•  The skills gained in this class will most definitely help me do my job much more easily and efficiently. I'm looking forward to putting what I've learned to use, both at work and at home.
Jamin Kortegard
Packaging Production Manager, Getty Images
UNIX Fundamentals
•  The UNIX course was presented in a well organized manner and the course materials were well written and easy to follow. I'll be taking additional classes through Consultix and would recommend them highly.
Dawnie Moss, Technical Analyst, TeamOn Systems
UNIX/Linux Fundamentals
•  Good instructor [Phil N.] … seems to have a high level of knowledge … or an intro to the UNIX world this was a great course! This course gave me the skills and knowledge to pursue System Administration training on my own. Thanks!
Merle Hutchison
Intel Corp.
UNIX Fundamentals
•  This is an excellent introduction to UNIX that not only prepares the student to continue on to more advanced topics, but also enables students to actually operate in a UNIX environment immediately.
Roger Herrin, Database Analyst, AT&T; Wireless Services
Linux Fundamentals
•  [Tim is] very knowledgeable on UNIX. Class material was presented very well. I really wanted to take this class and [then] feel more comfortable using UNIX. I do feel that way today!
Brandon VanCuren, IS Engineer
UNIX/Linux Fundamentals
•  Great job! Tim's knowledge of UNIX helped me gain a much better understanding of UNIX than any other UNIX class I have taken.
Chris Kapsalis, Senior Systems Analyst, Convergys
UNIX Fundamentals
•  Excellent and very knowledgeable instructor [Colin Meyer]. For a 4-day class, I am amazed by all of the information I learned. I would definitely recommend this course to others.
Katuo Nakashima, Tech. II, AT&T; Wireless Services
Linux Fundamentals
•  Very good instructor (Colin Meyer) … I learned a lot … I use UNIX on a daily basis, but now know more commands and options that will increase my productivity.
Kathy Nyberg, IT Product Support, AT&T; Wireless Services
UNIX Fundamentals
•  Enjoyed Colin's approach and delivery to the material. … easy to follow, covered both the beginner and intermediate user's needs.
Larry Kida, Infrastructure Manager, Washington Mutual Bank
UNIX/Linux Fundamentals
•  First rate—covered Linux & UNIX & flavors of Shells—great! Excellent lab exercises. Particularly appreciated the "pitfalls" sections. Course notebook will be a great resource.
Susan Kirt, Support Analyst, Boeing
UNIX/Linux Fundamentals
•  This was the best class I have taken in years! Thank you [Tim] for your patience and the historical information you provided. It helped things make a lot more sense to me given my background in Windows Administration.
Rob Rees, Systems Administrator, Icos Corp.
UNIX/Linux Fundamentals
•  Tim is great, and the training was great for the amount of time we had. I'm ready to try out what I have learned at work. Hopefully I can take another class from you sometime.
Tim Perciful, Employee
Getty Images
UNIX Fundamentals
•  This was a truly excellent experience … Your incredible knowledge of the systems involved is up to any question—and you made even the mind-numbing stuff enjoyable with the added anecdotes and humor.
Ken Meyer, Software Instructor, Seattle Central Community College
UNIX Fundamentals
  •  Best CS instructor [Tim Maher} I have ever had. Spellbinding! A real humdinger! The IT event of the Summer!
Mark Merchant, System Analyst, AT&T; Wireless Services
Shell Programming
  •  Excellent teacher [Colin Meyer]—obviously knows subject as opposed to having just read manual previous nightg. Very helpful dealing with all questions, reglardless of depth. Very good class; now I'll be able to do more with UNIX!
Gary Holmesmith, Engineer, Kaiser Aluminum Corp.
Bash Shell Programming & Linux Utilities
•  Colin [Colin Meyer] was very good—one of the best instructors I've ever had for a technical course. This is one of the best courses I've ever taken. The printed material was very good, but the greatest value was in the Lab Exercises. I now feel confident that I can actually do something productive on Linux—rather than just poking around.
Greg Mott, Mfg. Systems Engineer, Kaiser Aluminum Corp.
Bash Shell Programming &
Linux Utilities
•  All the classes I've taken from Consultix have been of the highest quality and I'm coming back for more!
Tony Rapp, Support Analyst, AT&T; Wireless Services
Shell Programming & UNIX Utilities
•  Tim is a great instructor. His lessons … were clear and methodical. There was a good balance between instruction and lab exercises. I would recommend his classes to anyone.
Lindsey Cox, Software Test Analyst, AT&T; Wireless Services
Shell Programming & UNIX Utilities
•  Tim's use of examples and exercises really helped me to better understand and learn how to use shell scripts and utilities. I will be able to use these new skills in real life situations.
A.J. Fisher, Network Systems Analyst, Boeing
Shell Programming &
UNIX/Linux Utilities
         Testimonials for:  Perl Classes    UNIX/Linux Classes

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