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" UNIX/Linux Utilities "     2 days
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Course Description

This lecture/lab course shows the student how to harness the power of the GNU/Linux utility programs through interactive shell commands and shell or AWK scripts. The most important Linux utilities, including egrep, sed, dd, sort, tee, comm, tput, tail, find, and xargs are explained and illustrated in realistic programming examples. Students also learn how to do pattern matching using Regular Expression notation, and to write programs using the AWK language, an extremely easy but powerful predecessor to Perl.

We also have a UNIX-specific version of this course.

Who Should Attend

System administrators, network administrators, data administrators, programmers, managers, clerical users, and others who wish to make the most of Linux. Anyone who needs to write new programs or maintain existing ones that automate routine tasks, validate data, generate reports, convert text files into other forms, or perform numerical analyses will benefit from attendance.


Students should be experienced with one of the following text editors: vi, emacs, or pico (or another locally available editor, for on-site classes).
Students should also be familiar with:   

  • the hierarchical file system of Linux and the special characters for Filename Generation (*, ? [ ])   
  • file redirection   
  • pipelines   
  • basic Linux commands, including cd, ls, cp, mv, cat, more, grep, & mail.
    Previous programming experience is very helpful, but logically-minded individuals without such a background may also benefit.

    Author & Instructors

    In the last 18 years, Dr. Tim Maher has taught shell programming to literally thousands of students. He has also written many sophisticated applications in shell languages, including an eight-thousand line user interface used by students at U.C. Berkeley, and a source code beautifier for the C++ language (published in Dr. Dobb's Journal). He is a recognized expert on Shell Programming, and as founder and head of Consultix, he regularly teaches courses on a wide variety of UNIX and Linux topics.

    Consultix instructors are renowned for their ability to communicate complex concepts in simple terms and to make the study of dry technical material enjoyable.


    Text Processing Number Crunching Data Validation
    Field Processing File Conversion Report Generation
    Regular Expressions Pattern Matching AWK Programming
    dd sort tee
    comm tput tail
    find   xargs
    sed egrep AWK

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