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How We Schedule Public Classes

Although most of our classes are taught in on-site offerings for Fortune 500 companies, we periodically schedule our most popular courses for offerings to the general public in the Seattle area.

Many of the courses we offer on this basis are scheduled in direct response to requests from customers, so if you'd like to see us offer a particular course in a particular time-frame, please send us an email message with the following particulars:

  • which course you'd like to take
  • when you'd like to take it
  • how many other people from your group might attend (if applicable)
  • whether you'd prefer attending in our SeaTac Airport, Lake Union, Downtown Seattle, or Kirkland location, or some other location
  • how we can contact you
Please call us or send email to s a l e s (AT) with your requests.

With a little input from you, we should be able to schedule our courses in accordance with your needs!

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