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NOTICE: These comments were provided by students who did not feel comfortable in disclosing their own names, or the names of their employers, in this forum. Comments containing both student names and employer names were provided by other students.

Expected an inscrutable computer nerd with no social skills. Very pleasantly surprised that you [Tim] rank with some of the best instructors I've had for technical material. Bravo!

Colin's depth and breadth of the subject (and related subjects) is outstanding. He did a great job, even with a lousy cold! The class was a pleasure to take.

Tim is a really good Instructor. He's very approachable and easy going. He is an obvious expert in the field of Perl Programming.

Finally, a teacher [Tim] who can make UNIX not only palatable, but intriguing and not intimidating

The Instructor [Phil] was superb.

So excellent! Clear, great humor, much information. Worth whatever you paid him! [Dave]

Quite frankly - the Instructor [Tim] was the best I've ever had (includes Sun, Stratus, NTI, AT&T, Bell Labs)

Great class - I learned a lot of "secrets" than can only come from the Instructor's [Tim's] decades of UNIX experience.

Best Instructor I have had for any software training. He [Paul] was well organized, very professional and knowledgeable.

Instructor [Phil] was one of the best I've had at an IRS sponsored class.

Tim Maher had an incredible amount of knowledge about several other versions of UNIX/Linux. This is helpful for those of us who work in heterogeneous environments.

Phil was extremely knowledgeable, very valuable as a resource, and very easy to work with.

The Instructor [Tim] was very helpful and very enthusiastic about Perl, which enhanced the learning experience.

Instructor [Paul] had a very good understanding and was very helpful in giving additional information not found in the typical books.

Paul really knows his stuff. Throws a little bit of humor into what is basically dry subject matter. Keeps you on your toes!

Very knowledgeable, patient, and good humored. He [Tim] would write a small program to test a controversy raised in class and get back to us with his findings.

The Instructor [Dave] encouraged us to present real-life problems, and then walked us through the programming logic to solve them.

Tim was great. My favorite part was when he said "I don't know", and then checked and got back to us with his findings. I suspect that other Instructors I've had, reluctant to admit gaps in their knowledge, just made up their (unconvincing) answers!

Excellent, entertaining, informative. Dr. Maher was a pleasant change from my last [competing Perl training vendor] Instructor. The Instructor made the class!

Paul did a great job. His sense of humor and in-depth knowledge kept the course from bogging down.

The Instructor [Phil] was well versed in the course. Excellent!

Marvelous! Will take other courses instructed by him [Tim] without question!

Instructor [Tim] was excellent, possessing both great technical knowledge and the ability to teach it well.

Dave seemed knowledgeable on all course material. Clear speaker, not boring, friendly and patient with us Shell newcomers.

Excellent technique, impressive teaching background, interesting and amusing [Tim] .

The Instructor answered all questions with patience; he [Dave] also floated during lab to make sure we were on track.

The Instructor [Dave] summarized material before teaching section and again after doing the labs - excellent!

The Instructor [Tim] skillfully exerted class control with tactful exertion of authority to deal with rowdy students.

Tim, I enjoyed your class - your classroom management skills are fabulous!

Great information; helped build a better understanding of the concepts I already knew. The course is a good introduction that will give you the foundation you need.

Tim is very knowledgeable and has a nice personality!

Tim is very creative and conscientious; he even refines his written slides while lecturing!

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