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NOTICE: These comments were provided by students who did not feel comfortable in disclosing their own names, or the names of their employers, in this forum. Comments containing both student names and employer names were provided by other students.

It was great to have in-house training. The lab exercises really helped to reinforce the material. The instructor [Tim] did a great job of tailoring it to our needs.
Too often classes show what to do and neglect detailed how to do. The labs were great, and help from instructor [Colin] was great!
This was a well-paced introduction to UNIX. Instruction was interactive and dynamic. I would recommend this course to anyone . . . I thoroughly enjoyed all four days. Thank you!
The class was excellent and helped me learn a lot! Well worth it!
No other intensive software courses that I have taken come even close to the quality learning experiences I've had in the two courses I have taken with Consultix.
Best classes I've taken - they are well worth attending.
I learned more in this class than in any other one week course I have taken.
The lab exercises have been very cleverly designed to reinforce the learning topic and yet still be fun and challenging.
Excellent organization and coverage - course binder will make a fine reference book back on the job.
Good coverage of quirks that regular course material would not prepare you for.
After years of attending out-of-date, typo-infested course offerings from the big vendors, with inarticulate and unenthusiastic Instructors, it's refreshing to find a small training vendor with such high quality!
Fantastic! And I hope you expand your list of offered classes. There are many other UNIX topics that could use such a good course.
This is the first course I've had that displayed the course book on the projector page by page so I could follow both the book and the Instructor. I wish they were all like this!
Great class - I learned a lot of "secrets" than can only come from the Instructor's 24 years of UNIX experience.
As always, this Consultix course was a pleasure. The courses are always demanding, but rewarding!

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