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UNIX/Linux Fundamentals

4 day course, for "Power User" wannabees
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" UNIX/Linux Fundamentals "     4 days
Next Public Offering: 7/15-7/18     Location: Seattle  

Course Description

This lecture/lab course teaches computer users to make productive use of UNIX® and Linux operating systems (OSs). The most important and empowering concepts, such as pattern matching, command editing, shell scripting, and pipelines are emphasized, alongside coverage of basic OS utilities and services.
Because UNIX/Linux can be somewhat confusing for new users, many typical mistakes are illustrated, and students are shown how to avoid them ("forewarned is forearmed"). Fully 40% of class time is spent in supervised laboratory activities, with students spending most of their time using a Korn or Bash ("POSIX"-like) shell interface to the OS.
Although this is intended as a first course in UNIX/Linux, it does also cover elementary shell and AWK programming, and is therefore especially well suited for those with a logical mindset who wish to become "power users", Programmers, or System-, Database-, Network-, or Web-Administrators.

The course material is applicable to all UNIX and UNIX-like systems, including Linux, and is taught in classrooms equipped with both UNIX and Linux systems. We also offer Linux-specific and UNIX-specific versions of this course, which differ only in being taught exclusively on the indicated OS.


A conceptual understanding of elementary computer terms, such as memory, disk storage, and time-sharing is required. Typing skills are beneficial, as is familiarity with other operating systems, such as DOS.

Author & Instructors

Dr. Tim Maher has been an avid user, system administrator, and programmer of UNIX since 1976, and of Linux systems since 1992. Since the early 80s, he has taught literally thousands of others to make the most of UNIX and UNIX-like systems. He has authored over two dozen courses on UNIX or Linux, including ones offered by Fortune 500 companies to their own customers.

CONSULTIX instructors are renowned for their ability to communicate complex concepts in simple terms and to make the study of dry technical material enjoyable.


Intro to UNIX/Linux
History of UNIX/Linux Logging In, Logging Out The Password System
Using the On-line Manual   Accessing the Printer
The UNIX/Linux Filesystem
File Types Pathnames Permissions User and Group IDs
File Utilities
ls find chmod cp mv cat
more head tail rm rmdir mkdir
The VI and VIM editors
Creating Files Modifying Files
The UNIX/Linux Shells
Shell Comparisons Quoting Techniques Shell Scripts
Startup Files Variables Aliases
History Substitutions Command Editing Filename Wildcards
I/O Redirection Pipelines Background Execution
  Job Control
Regular Expressions
grep Command sed Command Intro. to AWK
UNIX/Linux Networking
TCP/IP ping Command E-Mail
Firewalls Remote Access Commands (rsh, rcp, ssh, etc.) Proxies
The Process Hierarchy
The ps Command Process Priorities Process Control

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