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"Intermediate Perl Programming"  3 days
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Course Description

This course is for Students with previous Perl programming experience who are ready to go "beyond the basics".

Students will learn to use language features and programmer tricks that allow them to write more compact and efficient programs, and to solve complex problems more easily. Students will also acquire new skills that will help them do basic tasks with greater elegance and security.

Topics include: File Management, Data Management, Scope Management, Using References, Handling Complex Data Structures, Enhancing Security, and Using eval.

Fundamentals of Object Oriented Perl is a related course, which covers a subset of Intermediate Perl topics along with an introduction to Object Oriented Perl Programming.

Who Should Attend

Students should have at least 6 months of prior experience with UNIX and Perl, and be experienced with one of the following text editors: vi, emacs, or pico (or another locally available editor, for on-site classes). The course is intended for programmers, system administrators, network administrators, data administrators, and webmasters.

Author & Instructor

Dr. Tim Maher has been working with the interpreted languages of UNIX since 1976, and counted AWK as his favorite scripting language until Perl came along and eclipsed it.  He has written many sophisticated applications in AWK, Korn shell, C, C++, and Perl, including a user interface for U.C. Berkeley undergraduates and source code beautifiers for Perl and C++.  He is the CEO and Principal Instructor of CONSULTIX, for whom he has authored and taught 17 courses on a wide variety of software topics. He is also the founder of the Seattle Perl Users Group (SPUG), one of the oldest PUGs on the planet and also the clear leader in attracting world-class Perl experts to its meetings.

CONSULTIX instructors are renowned for their ability to communicate complex concepts in simple terms and to make the study of dry technical material enjoyable. Consultix instructors are renowned for their ability to communicate complex concepts in simple terms and to make the study of dry technical material enjoyable.


Implicit Loops File Locking Finding Files
Multidimensional Arrays and Hashes Complex Data Structures Tied Hashes
Data::Dumper Exceptions and eval Validating Regular Expressions
Packages & Global Variables Data References Code References
Anonymous Arrays and Hashes map & grep Schwartzian Transforms
Tainted Data Laundering Data Debugging Aids

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•  Tim is a really good Instructor. He's very approachable and easy going. He is an obvious expert in the field of Perl Programming.
Chris Lewis, Systems Analyst, Enbridge Pipelines, Inc. (CANADA)
Attended: Intermediate Perl

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