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Minimal Perl for UNIX and Linux People is a book by Dr. Tim Maher that helps those with UNIX or Linux backgrounds learn the Perl language with greater efficiency and enjoyment.
Quotes from Reviewers

• Dr. Damian Conway, author of "Object Oriented Perl":
"You could have chosen no better primer than this book."

• Dr. Christie Robertson, Program Manager, Geospiza:
"Shows the power and ease of Perl the author's many years of teaching Perl definitely come through."

• Jeremy Mates, Programmer/Analyst,
"Great UNIX data wrangling cookbook and reference I consider myself adept on the UNIX command line, though I learned several new commands and best practices from this text may obviate the need for "Learning Perl" or a similar introductory Perl text recommended" [read more]

• Brian Downs, Former Training Director, Lucent Technologies:
"This book shows style, not just facts; this is valuable to anyone learning a programming language."

• William "vi Bill" Julien, HPC UNIX Performance Analyst, Fortune 100 Company
"provides survival skills that one needs to meet office deadlines as well as techniques to improve even the most experienced Perl programmer" [read more]

• Peter Scott, author of "Perl Medic", Pacific Systems Design Technologies:
"it's the ultimate homage to the one-liner a synergy between Perl and the shell that you will not find elsewhere. Bottom line—shell veterans will find an easy bridge to Perl that speaks to them in their own language; shell neophytes will find a tour de force road map for getting useful stuff done." [read more]

• Jon Allen, Maintainer,
"Brilliant, never tedious—highly recommended!"

• Ravi Kumar,
"easily grasped by people who have a UNIX background specializes in explaining the easiest way also introduces the CPAN peppered with numerous tables which provide excellent information at a glance the "Special Variables Cheat Sheet" and the "Guidelines for Parenthesizing Code" are really useful as a quick reference I really enjoyed going through this book" [read more]

• Dan Sanderson, Software Developer,
"No-nonsense and practical, yet with wit and charm. A joy to read."

• Brian Wisti, Professional Geek,
"You will learn a lot about the differences between Perl and the shell tools Even the first 20 pages were enlightening … I could suddenly whip out a quick one-liner for a simple task The concepts from this book have saved my tush a few times already I [also] recommend this book to anyone who knows Perl but hasn't used it to do work in the [UNIX/Linux] shell." [read more]

• Jonathan S. Mark, Alexandria VA
"I have found this book invaluable in helping me to automate maintenance tasks on my website." [read more]

• George Woolley, co-author of "UNIX Made Easy" and Oakland Perl Monger:
"While there is much to learn in this book, the book is also fun I didn't have any expectation that I'd enjoy the book, but I did. :) If you are a UNIX/Linux user and wish to learn Perl, I recommend this book." [read more]

• R. Chae
"The book is an enjoyable read and contains many funny examples." [read more]

• Contributors to the Author's Online Forum:
    Keith G.: " I love this book It's the most interesting language tutorial I've seen in a long time Thanks for making it interesting. "
    Sybaritefury: " I thought this book would be too beginner for me, but I have learned quite a few things—thanks! I really appreciate that it's not a dull, boring textbook, too. read too many of those in college, wish we had read books like this instead :). "
    kbrede: " I purchased the book and really like it so far I'm [even] learning a few things I didn't know about Linux. "
      ron-w: " I really love the book "
      jkann9: " BTW, great book! "






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The following materials were either: a) omitted from the Minimal Perl book to save space, b) adapted from the book for delivery in conference presentations, or c) provided here as enhancements to programs that appear in the book.


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