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The 10/03 Perl Journal Article
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About Consultix

Tim Maher wrote an article addressing the question Is it Time for Perl Certification? for the October 2003 Perl Journal. Because of the potential impact of such a development on the Perl community, the Perl Journal people have kindly agreed that non-subscribers may download this article for free from the Consultix web site.

This article grew out of a panel discussion held at OSCON 2003, that is described below.

OSCON 2003 Tim Maher Chaired Panel on Perl Certification at OSCON's Perl Conference v7.0
As a former University professor of Computer Science and software trainer for over two decades, Tim is very interested in education and testing technologies, so he convened a panel of assorted Perl luminaries including Damian Conway in a discussion of the ever-controversial issue of Certification for Perl Programmers.

The overwhelming majority of the attendees were in favor of pursuing discussions about a certification process for Perl programmers.

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