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Five Perl One-Liners every UNIX/Linux User Should Know

It's easy to write simple Perl programs that provide distinct advantages over related UNIX/Linux utilities, such as grep, sed, and awk. This document shows examples, including how you can use the most friendly loop of the UNIX/Linux shells—select—to write menu-oriented Perl programs, despite the fact that it's not an official part of Perl!

Shell Quoting Guidelines

The proper use of quoting techniques with UNIX shells is one of the most important skills for shell users and programmers. Misunderstandings can lead to obviously defective commands and scripts, or even worse, commands or scripts that appear to work but that will ultimately blow up when conditions change. Unfortunately, proper quoting techniques are not only widely misunderstood but they're also treated rather superficially in most reference materials. To address these problems, the CONSULTIX Shell Quoting Guidelines delve into considerable detail to explain how quoting really works, with lots of interesting examples.

VI Editor Guides

Some students taking our classes (especially non-programmers) will find they prefer to use a GUI-based, mouse-oriented text editor for most of their work, rather than VI.

However, we feels it's important that all UNIX users know the basics of VI, so for these people, we teach "Survival Level VI", which focuses on the absolutely minimal set of commands that let you edit files successfully. These 17 commands are culled from the huge and redundant set of "pessimally ergonomic" ones native to VI, as the most essential, sensible, and memorable ones.

Here is the one-page handout we have developed for use in our training classes over the last 13 years:

For those who want to progress to the next level of VI expertise, we offer another one-page handout:

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