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We have lecture/lab training courses on a variety of standard
UNIX and Perl topics. We deliver on-site training worldwide. In addition, we can develop custom courses to fit your special training needs.

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A former student says:
•  Great sense of humor, and very knowledgeable. Outstanding class!
Shawn Clark, UNIX System Administrator, Reliant Business Services
Attended: Perl Programming, plus Modules

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Consultix personnel have been teaching instructor-led, hands-on software training classes since 1983. Our lead instructor, Dr. Tim Maher, has taught and/or developed UNIX courses for AT&T, Hewlett Packard, Learning Group International, Sun Microsystems, and Consultix, and has trained literally thousands of satisfied students.

Our efforts to maintain a consistently high standard of quality in our courses have drawn praise from many customers.

Course Materials

Every student in a Consultix training class receives

Course Updates

To optimize the training experience for our students, we take the time to update all course materials on a monthly basis, to incorporate the latest technological developments and the latest student feedback (we are alone in our industry in doing this!).

Hands-On Laboratory Sessions

All of our hands-on classes provide generous allotments of lab-time for students to "practice what we preach". The typical routine consists of:
  • a Lecture Session of 30-70 minutes duration,
  • a supervised Lab Session of equal duration, in which the Instructor guides students in work on carefully designed Lab Exercises that reinforce the skills covered in the lecture
  • a Lab Review Session in which the Instructor explains sample solutions for the Lab Exercises.

Depending on the course, there may be from 4-6 Lab Sessions per day, for a total of 12-30 lab sessions per hands-on course.

We believe it is extremely beneficial for students to have an experienced Instructor available to guide their early efforts, and rapidly point out errors that could take them hours or days to identify. This is one of the many ways in which Instructor-led training is superior to other approaches!

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